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Start growing your passive income today. Invest from as low as 50 EUR in real estate crowdfunding opportunities worldwide. BrikkApp helps you build your future.

BrikkApp investing app
BrikkApp investing app

BrikkApp allows everyone to benefit from investing in real estate. Whether you are looking for ways to expand your portfolio or you are just getting started with limited funds, BrikkApp gives you tools and guidance to help you achieve financial freedom.

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We work with the best partners

Join millions of people who invested in fractions of properties online. Our hand-picked partners support our mission of making real estate crowdfunding accessible for all.

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*REC = Real estate/property crowdfunding

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Invest from 50 EUR

See what others have to say

See what others have
to say

"I always wanted to invest in real estate because its stable and longterm. With BrikkApp I finally know how"

Jordan Perry

"Knowing which platform to choose is really time consuming. BrikkApp does the work for me."

Julia Becker

"I have been investing in stocks for decades but BrikkApp opened a new world of options."

Karel Pokorný

"Me and my partner are saving for our own house. It's still a long journey but with BrikkApp we know we get there!"

Einar Tamm

Let your money work for you


Think about your dreams

Longterm investing can get you closer to your dream house, vacation, or education. We help you achieve your goals.


Find the right investments

Compare hundreds of deals and platforms to find the right investments for you. Full market data at your fingertip.


Start small or go big

Real estate is a great choice for any investor. If you are just starting, you can start learning from small amounts.

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