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Brikkapp evaluates each investment opportunity's risk level and provides detailed risk assessments for every property listed on the platform.

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Whether you're here to invest 50 EUR or 50k EUR, BrikkApp has the right tools for you to choose your investments. BrikkApp marketplace offers exclusively real estate-backed projects provided by pre-vetted platforms with a successful track record. Invest all across Europe!



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Join millions of people who invested in fractions of properties online. Our hand-picked partners support our mission of making real estate crowdfunding accessible for all.

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Earn up to 12% annually. Choose the investment strategy that works best for youunderline

On BrikkApp you can invest directly in all the projects yourself or you can use our Autoinvest tool - or you can do both!


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Use the Autoinvest tool for a stress-free automated portfolio building.

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"An innovative platform for direct micro-investing. Through one dashboard you can invest in property projects across Europe."

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"I have been investing in stocks for decades but their ups and downs made me look for further ways of investing. BrikkApp opened a new world options."

Saskia Tamm picture Saskia Tamm, Investor
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"Millennials typically don't have the funds to invest in property - but would like to if given the opportunity. New real estate crowdfunding platforms that look for investors who have a few hundred EUR available to invest are able to access this younger market."

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"Real estate crowdfunding offers opportunity to have a very diversified portfolio, which lowers the risk significantly."

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"BrikkApp is particularly focused on investor education, and the team shares valuable resources, insights, and accurate information on different regions to help people to invest safely and make better decisions for their financial future."

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"I always wanted to invest in real estate because its stable and longterm. I love the Autoinvest tool because I can build my portfolio automatically!"

Jordan Perry picture Jordan Perry, Investor

"Comparing and selecting investments can be really time consuming. BrikkApp does the work for me!"

Karel Pokorny picture Karel Pokorný, Investor

"Me and my partner are saving for our own house. It's still a long journey but with BrikkApp we know we get there."

Julia Becker picture Julia Becker, Investor
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"Two in five people would never invest their money — but those who would are most likely to invest in properties."

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"Compared to other forms of investment, real estate is stable in the long-term. Stocks, for instance, carry with them a lot more volatility and are much more affected by economic crises."

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