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BrikkApp is your one-stop shop for real estate investing.

From property-backed loans in residential development projects to equity shares in buy-to-let commercial properties, BrikkApp’s marketplace has a real estate investment for everyone.

Research, browse and compare real estate projects from around the world in our first-in-class marketplace. Only the highest quality investments from the best platforms are offered on the marketplace. Investors are able to diversify and invest in multiple properties, in multiple countries, from one simple dashboard

One account with BrikkApp gives you access to the entire real estate crowdfunding market.

How it works

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Search for investments on BrikkApp by country, platforms, types, and more and you are immediately given the relevant information you need to make your next investment.

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To begin investing, you’ll need validate your identity by submitting documents such as your passport, driver's license, or other government ID.

We'll also ask you some questions to help determine what investments are available to you.

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Only well-established platforms are able to offer their investments on BrikkApp, which means you are given access to the best property projects on the market.

Select an open project and make your investment to start earning returns!

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Transfer your funds to the secured payment provider

We use the services of EasyChange, a payment provider that specializes in secure transactions. Registration will give you an “e-wallet” where you can transfer money to and invest from.

Your money in the e-wallet is always in your control.

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Manage Your Portfolio

Diversify your real estate investments

At BrikkApp, you are able to invest, track, and manage your portfolio with investments from multiple real estate crowdfunding platforms, located across the world, all in one place!

As an investor, you can choose to diversify your portfolio by investing in different platforms, countries, or property types from one dashboard.

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Returns received will be immediately available for use. Reinvest or withdraw your earnings for your investment goals.

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Discover our Real Estate Crowdfunding Guide

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Our team at BrikkApp has created this guide to take you through the entire investment process with helpful insights, explanations, and materials that will help you choose the best real estate crowdfunding investments.