Key risks

Investing in real estate projects can be very rewarding, but it involves a number of risks which can mean that investors may not get back what they put in.

This page outlines some of the key risks involved when you invest on„Platform“). Please read this summary carefully, so that you understand the key risks involved. Debt investments include investments in debt issued by project companies and these types of investments involve risks. In particular, you may not receive your anticipated returns and your capital may be at risk.

Protecting investors’ money is our number one priority. It is our responsibility to address each of the risks involved to mitigate their effect in the best ways possible.

When investing on the Platform, the investor declares that they understand that:

a. An investment opportunity in the form of the Project displayed on the Platform cannot be understood as an investment recommendation and the Investor provides their Deposit / Investment at their own discretion, has full control over the investment process, and that the Provider does not provide investment advice and financial advice;

b. The provision of the Deposit / Investment is intended only for Investors, for whom the possible loss of part or all of their investment will not mean a significant deterioration of their economic situation;

c. The real estate market represents a specific area of ​​investment, which includes risks associated primarily with fluctuations in the real estate market, such as possible deteriorating payment ability of real estate users (tenants) or lower than expected returns of development projects in which the Deposit was invested, and the return on the provided Deposit is largely dependent on the above factors and other risks associated with them;

d. In addition to the above factors, the return on investment and the return on the provided Deposit may be affected by other factors, such as the overall economic situation, changes in market regulation (especially the real estate market), rising and lowering interest rates and other factors affecting investment;

e. The decision to provide a Deposit / Investment must be based primarily on one's own discretion of the benefits and risks of the investment in the specific Project associated with the provision of the Deposit.