Basic Information

What is BrikkApp?

BrikkApp is the clever way to select the right property investment opportunity from as little as 100 EUR. We connect investors with property investment platforms from all across the world. We provide transparent data about the platforms and their successes. The platforms provide loan and equity investments in properties in the countries where they are active.

Instead of finding and going to each individual platform, BrikkApp collects all the information in one place for you. Our users can compare the platforms based on the investment history, investment opportunities, and reviews and social media presence. We only provide verified data.

While the online property investment industry provides an enourmous opportunity for people interested in comparatively safer, security-backed, investments, it is still in its beginnings. BrikkApp's goal is to match the investors with the most suitable investment opportunities for them. 

We are here to simplify property investing through using technology.

Who uses BrikkApp?

BrikkApp is an online platforms used by anyone interested in investing in fractions of properties. At BrikkApp, both retail and institutional investors can find investments in fractions of loan or equity investments originated around the world. 

BrikkApp is used by the international community interested in property investments and by the investment originators. By connecting to BrikkApp the users get instant access to verified market data, to investment opportunities, and to investors who are looking to buy equity or loan investments. 

We want to help business to better engage with their customers and become even more successfull through improving their services. We also want to help the investors to learn about the platforms so they can make more informed choices and buy property investment products with confidence.

Tips for getting started with BrikkApp

BrikkApp is an online platform that lets you search for property investments and helps you to find the right investment for you. You can compare hundreds of property investment platforms around the world. 

Here are some tips to help you get started. It’s quick, simple and free to sign up.

It’s free to create an user profile with BrikkApp, and it only takes a few minute to set up. You’ll need to enter some details about yourself, and you can sign up as an individual or as a business. 

Who can invest?

BrikkApp provides you with data on platforms that allow investing into fractions of properties. Often, you can invest from as little as 100 EUR. Thus, no matter what your investment budget is, there are suitable investments to select from.

Both individual and entities can use BrikkApp to build their diversified investment portfolio.

The registration process varies from platform to platform but typically require their users to be above 18 years old and includes AML/KYC check to verify your identity. 

What data do you provide?

BrikkApp aggregates data from hundreds of property investment platforms, which are (1) online, (2) publicly accessible, (3) offer investing into fractions of property projects.

In one dashboard, our users can thoroughly compare the platforms based on their investment history and successes, their geographic targeting, the type of investments offered, and more than 30 investment indicators. We also provide an extended social media and reviews analysis.

BrikkApp mission is making the online property investment world more transparent for the investors and for the platforms to be able to share verified data in an objective environment. 

What countries are supported?

BrikkApp provides information on the online property investment platforms from all across the world. If you don't see any investment opportunity in your country, it might be for two reasons: (1) currently, there are no online property investment platforms in this country; (2) we could not verify the data about the platform, thus, we decided not to list it until we can collect more data. 

Is there a platform, which we missed and you believe should be included? Send us a message.

Is BrikkApp free?

Yes, apart from our advertising features BrikkApp is a free service.

What is the minimum amount that can be invested?

The minimum investment amount on the primary market varies from a platform to platform and starts from 50 EUR. At the same time there are platforms, which target acredited investors only, where the minimum investment amout starts at 50 000 EUR or even higher. 

How safe are property investments?

BrikkApp exclusively provides data on property investments because they are considered as a relatively safe type of investment across most developed markets. However, any type of investing, including property investing, is potentially risky and the value of your investments can go up as well as down.

BrikkApp does not provide investment advice and any available information is provided to help you make your own informed decisions.

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