Monio changed its name from Monner on 1 December 2021.


Country of origin:
Active Platform:
6 years
Minimum investment:
1000 NOK
Trustpilot rating:
Facebook followers:
6 544
As of June 20th, 2024

Types of Investments

Equity Investments
Debt Investments
Resale Market

What is Monio ?

Monio (formerly Monner) is an online real estate crowdfunding investment platform. Investors are given the opportunity to finance loans for real estate projects located in Norway. Investors earn income in the form of interest payments. The repayment period on the loans can vary between 6-36 months, with the possibility of a 3-month grace period. The minimum investment is NOK 1,000 (approx. €100).

Monio (formerly Monner) was founded in 2018. Monio AS arranges loans to small and medium-sized companies and is regulated by Finanstilsynet with a license to conduct business as a payment company and is registered as a loan intermediary (No. 913978617).

Who can invest

Retail Investors
Accredited Investors
Institutional Investors

Is the Platform Regulated?

Learn more about regulations
The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway

The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway

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Investments overview


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