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8 years
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1000 EUR
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As of July 23rd, 2024

Types of Investments

Equity Investments
Debt Investments
Resale Market

What is icrowdhouse ?

Icrowdhouse is an online peer-to-peer (P2P) real estate crowdfunding platform. Investors have the opportunity to invest in residential and commercial property development projects. They also offer Software as a Service (SaaS) real estate investment software, priding themselves on their proprietary technology. Investment properties are located throughout Spain. Investors can choose between three investment types: supplementary income, balanced investment, and long-term growth, all with different yields, terms, and risk profiles. The minimum investment is €1000.

All investors can invest with icrowdhouse. icrowdhouse was founded in 2016. icrowdhouse is a Participatory Financing Platform (PFP) authorized and regulated by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

Who can invest

Retail Investors
Accredited Investors
Institutional Investors

Is the Platform Regulated?

Learn more about regulations
The National Securities Market Commission

The National Securities Market Commission

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Investments overview


Spain - Discover the Real Estate Crowdfunding Market

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Spanish Real Estate Crowdfunding Report 2020

The Spanish real estate crowdfunding market is one of the largest in Europe.

Featured report insight: Investors can expect to earn around 10% return on their investments in Spain.

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Informe del Mercado Español de Crowdfunding Inmobiliario 2020

El Mercado Español de Crowdfunding Inmobiliario es uno de los más grandes en Europa.

Apunte destacado del informe: Los inversores pueden esperar un retorno cercano al 10% para sus inversiones en España

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Real Estate Crowdfunding Guide

Our team at BrikkApp has created this guide to take you through the entire investment process with helpful insights, explanations, and materials that will help you choose the best real estate crowdfunding investments.

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