Crowdfunding is playing a bigger and bigger role in real estate investing every year. Because it’s picking up pace, it’s becoming its own industry with its own direction and audience.


BrikkApp recently discussed some of the latest trends with 150sec. 150sec is a news portal focused on Europe’s emerging start-up scene which challenges and connects ideas from entrepreneurs, technology, and society.


This article discusses three of the hottest trends connected with real estate crowdfunding.

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The first of them is, without a doubt, how attractive this form of investing is for millennials. Millennials are notorious for having limited savings and being very handy with new technology. These two aspects are a great match for real estate crowdfunding. Millennials can start investing with as little as €100. Also, this form of investing takes place exclusively online, which only adds to its allure for younger generations.


Market Fragmentation

Another trend that will continue to play a huge role throughout 2020 is the fact that the crowdfunding industry is becoming more fragmented and dense.


New investment platforms are emerging literally every month. For investors, it means a lot of data and information to digest before they start investing. This is why BrikkApp aggregates platforms from all around the world and offers users a comprehensive overview in one place.



Last but not least, the article highlights the transparency and security surrounding online real estate investing. You can visit 150sec to read the entire article and get full details about these trends.