Real estate crowdfunding is one of the fastest-growing forms of alternative investment today. Globally, more and more investors are accessing the property market through online crowdfunding platforms. 


One of the most popular regions in the world for this type of investment is the United Kingdom and Irish markets. A region with a storied history and an economic powerhouse, it should be no surprise that some of the largest and most developed platforms reside within these borders.


In this report, BrikkApp performed research and analysis on this market. We have now published the 2021 United Kingdom+IRE Property Crowdfunding Report


In this article, we highlight some of our findings and some of the more interesting platforms analyzed.


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UK+IRE property crowdfunding market


The UK property crowdfunding market is one of the largest in the world, however, as this market continues to mature, the number of active platforms has decreased. At one time, it consisted of more than 40 investment platforms. Now, around 30 platforms are active and in operation. This has decreased due to financial and regulatory pressures. 


Some insights that can be found in the report:


  • Active platforms overview
  • Yields & amounts of successfully funded projects
  • General market overview
  • Market regulation


5 largest platforms

The 5 largest active property crowdfunding platforms in the UK+IRE market, as of our report being published and based on the total amount of money invested, are: 


5. Proplend

Funded projects: 123
Average interest rate: 7.26%
Total amount funded: £ 114,588,963

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4. Kuflink

Funded projects: 305
Average interest rate: 7.20%
Total amount funded: £ 117,248,542

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3. CrowdProperty

Funded projects: 298
Average interest rate: 8.37%
Total amount funded: £ 121,003,926

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2. Social Money Limited (SoMo)

Funded projects: 774
Average interest rate: 12.00%
Total amount funded: £ 140,776,092

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1. Cogress

Funded projects: 60
Average interest rate: N/A
Total amount funded: £ 203,000,000

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For further information about the platforms and more data about the UK property crowdfunding market, you can access the report by clicking the button below.


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