Scandinavia and the Baltic countries conjure up images of intricate fjords and icy winters, but if you move past the landscape and delve into the cities, you will also find a burgeoning real estate crowdfunding industry in the region.


This is the fourth in a series of reports from BrikkApp, analyzing the real estate crowdfunding markets across European countries. You will find all the information you need on the various platforms operating in Europe, so you can make informed decisions for your investments. Previous reports include exclusive analysis on the French, Spanish, and British real estate crowdfunding markets.

Selecting the right platform in which to invest can be a difficult task to navigate, with so many options available. But by using data from our comprehensive analysis, you can be confident that you are choosing the right platform for your needs.


Key statistics

There are 15 property crowdfunding platforms in Northern Europe, with an astonishing 10 of them popping up in the last 4 years (As of writing this, Estonia contains 6 of them). We have defined Northern Europe as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.


The total number of projects currently in progress in Northern Europe is 3442, totaling 857M EUR.


Of the Northern European countries, Estonia has the highest average yield at 13.1%.


The average project term duration is just under 18 months.


What else can you discover in the report?


  • Current crowdfunding market regulations
  • Yields for successfully funded projects in each country
  • The ratio between debt and equity investment projects
  • Detailed overview of active platforms in Northern Europe
  • Thorough glossary of REC and investing terminology


Why should you be interested in real estate crowdfunding?


  • A low barrier to entry: some platforms allow you to invest from as little as 100 EUR.
  • A passive income stream: The day-to-day operations are handled by the project sponsors which makes life easier for investors.
  • A diverse portfolio opportunity: With new EU crowdfunding regulations in place, it will be easier for investors to create a portfolio with projects across the continent without facing restrictions.
  • A speedy process: It can take a matter of minutes to go from finding a project to investing, the lengthy paperwork is handled by the crowdfunding platforms.


The largest platforms in Northern Europe

To highlight the success of real estate crowdfunding in the region, here are the top 5 largest real estate crowdfunding platforms in Northern Europe by funded amount:


5. Bulkestate

Funded Projects: 98

Total Amount Funded: € 17,886,285

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4. Kameo

Funded Projects: 322

Total Amount Funded: € 89,500,766

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3. Crowdestate

Funded Projects: 284

Total Amount Funded: € 96,581,951

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2. Tessin

Funded Projects: 234

Total Amount Funded: € 240,555,103

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1. EstateGuru

Funded Projects: 1,861

Total Amount Funded: € 261,887,090

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How do Northern European platforms compare to the rest of Europe?

EstateGuru surpasses any other platforms in France, Spain, and the UK by some distance with the massive figure of 1,861 funded projects.


Tessin, as the second-largest platform by total amount funded in Northern Europe, is also ahead of any of the platforms in France, Spain, and the UK. Cogress, in the UK, is the closest rival with £ 203,000,000.


Despite having a number of standout platforms, France, Spain, and the UK all have more platforms operating within their borders than the whole of Northern Europe (22, 17, and 40 respectively).



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