“La vie est belle”, is how we have come to know the stunning nation of France. And in honor of this proud nation, BrikkApp has researched the French property crowdfunding market and even provided the report in French as well as English.


This is the third in a series of BrikkApp’s reports analyzing real estate crowdfunding markets across Europe, which started with reports on Spain and the UK. Since then, the French report has also been followed by the release of our Northern Europe report. Last but not least, we’ve also put out The Guide to Real Estate Crowdfunding, our comprehensive eBook that contains everything investors need to know to get started in this rising industry.


French Property Crowdfunding Report

The French real estate crowdfunding market has been booming since 2015, and as of now, it is one of the 3 biggest markets in all of Europe with a total volume of funded projects surpassing €500M. 


As of Q3 2020, the market comprises 22 platforms. Out of these 22 platforms, 5 have entered the market within the last three years.


Our report includes several key findings, such as but not limited to:


  • Active platforms overview
  • Yields & numbers of successfully funded projects
  • General market overview
  • Market regulation
  • The ratio between debt and equity investment projects
  • Foreign investors limitation


The 5 largest platforms

Out of the 22 current active platforms in the market, these are the 5 largest real estate crowdfunding platforms in France by funded amount:


5. Upstone

Funded Projects: 29

Total amount funded: € 25,808,000

Profile on BrikkApp: https://www.brikkapp.com/platforms/upstone


4. Koregraf

Funded Projects: 100

Total amount funded: € 56,230,851

Profile on BrikkApp: https://brikkapp.com/platforms/koregraf


3. Anaxago

Funded Projects: 115

Total amount funded: € 80,000,000

Profile on BrikkApp: https://www.brikkapp.com/platforms/anaxago


2. Fundimmo

Funded Projects: 170

Total amount funded: € 98,700,000

Profile on BrikkApp: https://www.brikkapp.com/platforms/fundimmo


1. Homunity

Funded Projects: 227

Total amount funded: € 151,577,000

Profile on BrikkApp: https://www.brikkapp.com/platforms/homunity



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